Jennifer Danczak, future television host/radio personality, ​grew up in a small town in Ohio knowing there was so much more to life.  Upon graduating high school, she packed her bags and moved to New York City to see what she could make of herself. She studied at two fashion schools, including the number one fashion school, Fashion Institute of Technology. After channeling her stylish self, she started setting her goals towards a broadcasting degree back in Ohio… where she put her love of being in front of the camera to good use. Over the course of time, Jen also grew a love for celebrities and hosting, so she figured, why not combine it all? The start of her new broadcast series “Jentertainment News” then kicked in. (COMING SOON!) Her written work has been seen on Joonbug.com as a contributing fashion writer, as well as on ParanormalPopCulture.com as a writing intern. In the city, she was also a fashion closet intern for TeenVOGUE magazine. Radio wise, she was a DJ for a college radio station, and was a radio intern for Detroit’s hit show “Mojo in the Morning” on WKQI FM Channel 95.5. In her spare time, she enjoys ghost hunting, singing, and chasing seagulls. She’s hilarious, has an obnoxious laugh, and leads an interesting life. Look for her broadcast series, Jentertainment News coming this Fall!

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